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What is Difference between Absolute and Relative Xpath

Absolute Path

The Path Which Locate the WebElement from Root Node To Required Child Node ,FireFox and Chrome Browser By default generates a Absolute Xpath or CSS Path .

How To generate a Absolute Xpath in Chrome Browser :

To generate a Absolute Xpath in Chrome Browser ,We Have To Follow Some Steps

  • Open Chrome Browser 
  • Navigate To Application Page Element for User have to create Absolute path
  • Right Click on Element and Select option 'Inspect'

Absolute Path -1

As user click on Inspect Link it will open a Console for User Either in bottom or in Left Side Panel


Absolute Path -2

  • Right click on Blue Highlighted Source Code and Go To Option  'Copy' and select Sub-Option 'Copy as XPATH'   or 'Copy as CSS Selector' .

Absolute Path -3

  • Enter Keyword 'CTRL +F' and Paste Copy Xpath in Search Box

Absolute Path -4

  • Similar Thing You Can Perform in Firefox as well Without FirePath and Firebug
Note : Remaining Article of Relative Path Coming Soon

How to Use FireBug and Firepath in Selenium

How To Use FireBug To Find Element xpath :

In Order To Use FireBug User Should have FireFox browser Having FireBug Installed ,Click To this link to Know How To Install FireBug and FirePath .

Step To use FireBug is Very easy and Simple ,Please follow my Steps :

  • Open FireFox Browser 
  • Enter Your application URl and Reach To Application WebPage where You Have To Inspect Element  .
  • Identify Object  or  Element whom you want To Inspect .
  • Right click on that specific object 
  • Select an option  'Inspect Element with FireBug
  • Console would open in bottom of Browser 
  • If User Have FirePath  then Absolute Path would be shown in FirePath

Absolute Xpath after Inspection In FireBug

  • If user have not installed FirePath yet Then Only Console would open with Page Source Code after Click on 'Inspect Element with FireBug'
  • To Find Absolute Path when Firepath is Not installed ,Right Click on Blue Color Highlighted Source Code and Select Option 'Copy Xpath'  or Copy 'CSS Path'

Absolute Xpath after Inspection In FireBug

  • You Have Copied a Absolute xpath or Absolute CSS Path Now Paste in Your desire code where You want To use.
  • Click To Know More about Absolute and Relative Xpath

How to Install FireBug and FirePath in Firefox

In This Post We Will Explain You The Actual Usage of FireBug and FirePath in Selenium and How To Add As a Addons in Browser FireFox :

FireBug : 

Firebug is a Add-Ons of Mozzila Firefox browser,Basically You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page to any Specific Object. 

You Can Inspect To any Element in WebPage and Know About Page Source Code ,When you Click on FireBug Icon then a Console Window would open either in Bottom or in Left Side Panel Based on Selection of 'Dock Side' .

Similar Thing you can open Through Keyword 'F12' but in That Case you would not able To Use FirePath so In Order To use FirePath You Should Pick Element or object Through FireBug.

FirePath :

is a FireBug extension that adds a developmet tool to edit ,inspect and generate Xpath expressions and CSS3 selectors .

In FirePath you can Customize your Xpath and Create a Relative Xpath

Difference Between Absolute and Relative Xpath

How To install or How To add ons FireBug in FireFox :

Installation Step of FireBug is Very Easy so In order To Add FireBug User Should Have FireFox Browser upto version 47 ,Becuase  it does not Support FireBug and FirePath In Latest FireFox Version so for Best Experience you should have FireFox version 47 .

  • Open FireFox Browser Version 47
  • Copy This URL -
  • Paste This URL in Firefox Browser Address bar 
  • Click on Green Butto 'Add To FireFox'

FireBug Installation

  •    Click On Install Now Button 

FireBug Installtion 

  • Once Installation will complete ,Enter 'F12' Keyword To open Console 

FireBug Installation Verification

FireBug Installation Verification

How To install or How To add ons FirePath in FireFox :

Installation Step of FireBug is Very Easy so In order To Add FireBug User Should Have FireFox Browser upto version 47 ,Becuase  it does not Support FireBug and FirePath In Latest FireFox Version so for Best Experience you should have FireFox version 47 .

  • Open FireFox Browser Version 47
  • Copy This URL -
  • Paste This URL in Firefox Browser Address bar 
  • Click on Green Butto 'Add To FireFox'

FirePath Installation 1

  • Click on Install Now Button 

FirePath Installation 2

  • Once The Installation Will be Finished It will Ask you for 'Restart Browser' ,so Click on 'Restart Now' button then browser Will Restart .

FirePath Installation 3
  •   In Order To verify Correct Installation Press Keyword  'F12' ,It will Open Console and FirePath Would be Available in Console as Menu Bar .

FirePath Installation 4

  • Red Marked Firepath Menu bar in Console Denotes thats our Installation is SuccessFully  Completed.
  • To Know More About How To use FireFox and FirePath Please Click on This Link :-

How to Create Java Project in Eclipse

To Create a Java Project we Should Have Some Prerequisite :

Prerequisite :-

  • IDE - User Should have an IDE Like -Eclipse ,Netbeans ,Inetlij IDEA and etc ,if user do not have IDE then To Know How To Download and Install Eclipse IDE Click to This Link -How To Download and Install Eclipse.

  • JDK and JRE -User should have JDK and JRE in his System with Bin Path Configured in Environment varriable To start with Java Project ,if user do not have JDK and JRE then To know How To Download ,Install and Set Java Path in Environment variables Click To This Link - How to Download ,Install and Set Java Path in Environment variables

Step To Create a Java Project in Eclipse   :-

  • Open Eclipse >Select Eclipse WorkSpace

  •  Click on Top Left corner on File Link  > New >Java Project , if User are not able to see Java Project option in 'New' Then Click on 'Other' under ''New' and search for 'Java Project'.
  •  Enter Java Project Name in Text Box  > Click on Finish button.  

                                 Now  Java Project is Created on Your IDE ,'src Package ' would available under Java Project  after Successful creation of Java Project.

How to Download and Install Eclipse Latest and Older Version

Eclipse MarketPlace is great source to Download All Existing version of Eclipse IDE its driven by Eclipse Community itself  so To Download Eclipse IDE we have to follow Some Step :

  • In the Left Side and Right side Panel we have All Released Version and Download Link as per operating system and In Mid we Have IDE as Per Development Language . .

Eclipse  MarketPlace

  • Select Required Release version from Left Side Panel

Eclipse Release Version 

  • Select Right side Panel Download Link as Per your Development Language ,operating System and Processor 

Eclipse IDE Download Link

Ex- Like I have Selected  '64 Bit NaTo Download  Eclipse IDE for Java Development Language in med'  Red color Marked Link Window 64 bit Operating System 

  • Click on Download Button

Download Button 

  • Go To Downloaded Zip File of Eclipse IDE
  • Extract Zip File at Same Location  

Eclipse IDE Zip File

  • Click On Extracted Eclipse IDE Folder > Go To Eclipse Folder >Click on Eclipse.exe   


  • Eclipse Welcome Page Will open after Click on Eclipse.exe

Eclipse Welcome Page

How to Launch Chrome Browser In Selenium

There are certain Prerequisite required To Launch Chrome Browser :

1. Download The Latest Version of Selenium Standalone Jar  Selenium Standalone Server Latest Version

2. Download Chrome Driver  Latest version Chrome Driver Latest Version

3. Download Eclipse IDE  Eclipse IDE

4. Extract Downloaded Eclipse Zip File

Eclipse Installation Process Image

Eclipse IDE Installation Process

5. Eclipse will be open with welcome page ,Go To This Link for Detail Description of Eclipse Installation  How To Download and Install Eclipse Latest and Older Version

6.Click On File  > New  > Java Project

7. Enter Project Name as Per your wish  Like ---   'FirstjavaProject'  and click on Finish button

How To create Java New Project

How To Create Java New Project

Selenium API Architecture

1. In Selenium API Level Architecture we have supermost Interface called SearchContext which extends to another interface called WebDriver.

2. All the Abstract Method from WebDriver Interface are implemented in a class called RemoteWebDriver.

3. From RemoteWebDriver class all the feature of WebDriver are inherited in the Driver of the browser that is ,FirefoxDriver class ,ChromeDriver Class etc

Note : From RemoteWebDriver Class the Selenium Grid Feature will not inherited in the Driver of the browsers.

Note : I denotes Interface    & C denotes Class in API Level Architecture .

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How to Download ,install Java 9 & set java path

Steps To Download Java is Very Easy , Download JDK and JRE as per Your Requirement ,JDK includes JRE package so If You download JDK then no need to Download JRE.

Step 1 : To Download Java Click on This Link :

Step 2 : Select Accept License Agreement Radio Button.

Step 3 : JAVA 9 you can download for Operating System Mac,Linux,Window and Solaris SPARC So Click on Download Link as per Your Operating System but in this Tutorial will let you Installation in Window Machine.

Step 4 : After Complete Download of JAVA 9 Go To Download Folder and Save JDK in Seperate Folder for easy To Naviagate & Manage.

Step 5 : Right Click on DOwnloaded JDK jar and Select option 'Run as Administrator' .

Step 6 : Select Next Button  To Poceed further in installation & wait untill complete installation

Step 7 : open command prompt type "java -version" and Enter ,it will show you intslled java version.

Step 8 : open control panel > Select System > Advanced System Settings >Click on Environment variables button under Advanced TAB

Step 9 : Go to Local Disk(c)>Program Files >JAVA Folder> JDK 1.9 >bin >Copy the path of bin (Ex -‪C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.9.0_111\bin)

Step 10 : Go to Path under Sytem Variables >Select path and click on Edit button > Enter a semicolon(;) >Paste copy path of bin and Save, Do not Change any Existing Confguration ,Set java path very Carefully.

Step 11 : open Command prompt and Enter Command 'javac' ,i twill show you all included option .

Difference In WebDriver 2.0 and WebDriver 3.0

What is Difference Between Selenium WebDriver 2.0 and WebDriver 3.0 

Selenium WebDriver 3.0 has launched at 3 October 2016,WebDriver 3.0 is a latest upgraded version of  WebDriver Interface ,Selenium WebDriver 2.0 has 3 Bug which has been Fixed in Selenium WebDriver 3.0 .

Difference in WebDriver 2.0 and 3.0 
WebDriver 2.0 
WebDriver 3.0
Firefox is a Default Browser for
WeDdriver 2.0
Firefox is no longer work as
Default browser for WebDriver 3.0
No External Driver required
for Firefox browser
GeckoDriver.exe ' is required to
 launch Firefox browser
WebDriver 2.0 supports upto
Firefox 47.0.1 
WebDriver 3.0 is Compatible
with latest Firefox version
It Supports JAVA -JDK 1.5 ,1.6 ,1.7 & 1.8It Support JAVA-JDK 1.8
Grid nodes can not offer HelpGrid nodes can offer Help now
Selenium Standalone Server
2.53 is a last Stable Version
of WebDriver 2.0
Selenium Standalone Server
3.8.1 is a latest Stable Version
of WebDriver 3.0

Scope of Automation Testing in Software Testing Industry

Scope of Automation Testing in Software Testing 

Before To Know Scope of Automation testing we Should Know About Use of Automation Testing ,Usages of Automation testing :

1. To Avoid Repetitive Task we Use Automation Testing (For Ex- A manual Tester Test a Login Functionality Multiple Times in a day )

2.Regression Testing (To ensue the previous functionalities have not affected with new deployed functionality ) ,If  your Application is Too big Then only Automation Test Script can ensure about Your Previous functionality Because Manually Tester can not Test previous functionality when application is so big .

3.Performance Testing is also a key reason of Existence of Automation Testing because performance of  Application is major concern in now days and performance can not be test manually ,Manual Tester can perform Load Test with Multiple Threads.

Scope of Automation Testing :

If You understand usage of Automation testing then you would able to easily know Scope of Automation :
Yes ,No doubt Automation testing have a vast scope in IT Industry and Demand of Automation Tester Would be rise day by day in future ,Yes Automation Tool would be Vary as per Application And Client Requirement so best would be for Tester To learn about  new Tools and be updated in market ,Yes there is one more fact that Automation test can not able to replace Manual Testing because There is lot's of Area where Automation test can not able To cover functionality Through script Like if Manual Tester find a Bug Through Monkey or Adhoc testing That thing or That Scenario Automation tester would not able To cover .