QaMantra: Difference In WebDriver 2.0 and WebDriver 3.0

Difference In WebDriver 2.0 and WebDriver 3.0

What is Difference Between Selenium WebDriver 2.0 and WebDriver 3.0 

Selenium WebDriver 3.0 has launched at 3 October 2016,WebDriver 3.0 is a latest upgraded version of  WebDriver Interface ,Selenium WebDriver 2.0 has 3 Bug which has been Fixed in Selenium WebDriver 3.0 .

Difference in WebDriver 2.0 and 3.0 
WebDriver 2.0 
WebDriver 3.0
Firefox is a Default Browser for
WeDdriver 2.0
Firefox is no longer work as
Default browser for WebDriver 3.0
No External Driver required
for Firefox browser
GeckoDriver.exe ' is required to
 launch Firefox browser
WebDriver 2.0 supports upto
Firefox 47.0.1 
WebDriver 3.0 is Compatible
with latest Firefox version
It Supports JAVA -JDK 1.5 ,1.6 ,1.7 & 1.8It Support JAVA-JDK 1.8
Grid nodes can not offer HelpGrid nodes can offer Help now
Selenium Standalone Server
2.53 is a last Stable Version
of WebDriver 2.0
Selenium Standalone Server
3.8.1 is a latest Stable Version
of WebDriver 3.0


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