QaMantra: How to Download ,install Java 9 & set java path

How to Download ,install Java 9 & set java path

Steps To Download Java is Very Easy , Download JDK and JRE as per Your Requirement ,JDK includes JRE package so If You download JDK then no need to Download JRE.

Step 1 : To Download Java Click on This Link :

Step 2 : Select Accept License Agreement Radio Button.

Step 3 : JAVA 9 you can download for Operating System Mac,Linux,Window and Solaris SPARC So Click on Download Link as per Your Operating System but in this Tutorial will let you Installation in Window Machine.

Step 4 : After Complete Download of JAVA 9 Go To Download Folder and Save JDK in Seperate Folder for easy To Naviagate & Manage.

Step 5 : Right Click on DOwnloaded JDK jar and Select option 'Run as Administrator' .

Step 6 : Select Next Button  To Poceed further in installation & wait untill complete installation

Step 7 : open command prompt type "java -version" and Enter ,it will show you intslled java version.

Step 8 : open control panel > Select System > Advanced System Settings >Click on Environment variables button under Advanced TAB

Step 9 : Go to Local Disk(c)>Program Files >JAVA Folder> JDK 1.9 >bin >Copy the path of bin (Ex -‪C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.9.0_111\bin)

Step 10 : Go to Path under Sytem Variables >Select path and click on Edit button > Enter a semicolon(;) >Paste copy path of bin and Save, Do not Change any Existing Confguration ,Set java path very Carefully.

Step 11 : open Command prompt and Enter Command 'javac' ,i twill show you all included option .

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