QaMantra: Scope of Automation Testing in Software Testing Industry

Scope of Automation Testing in Software Testing Industry

Scope of Automation Testing in Software Testing 

Before To Know Scope of Automation testing we Should Know About Use of Automation Testing ,Usages of Automation testing :

1. To Avoid Repetitive Task we Use Automation Testing (For Ex- A manual Tester Test a Login Functionality Multiple Times in a day )

2.Regression Testing (To ensue the previous functionalities have not affected with new deployed functionality ) ,If  your Application is Too big Then only Automation Test Script can ensure about Your Previous functionality Because Manually Tester can not Test previous functionality when application is so big .

3.Performance Testing is also a key reason of Existence of Automation Testing because performance of  Application is major concern in now days and performance can not be test manually ,Manual Tester can perform Load Test with Multiple Threads.

Scope of Automation Testing :

If You understand usage of Automation testing then you would able to easily know Scope of Automation :
Yes ,No doubt Automation testing have a vast scope in IT Industry and Demand of Automation Tester Would be rise day by day in future ,Yes Automation Tool would be Vary as per Application And Client Requirement so best would be for Tester To learn about  new Tools and be updated in market ,Yes there is one more fact that Automation test can not able to replace Manual Testing because There is lot's of Area where Automation test can not able To cover functionality Through script Like if Manual Tester find a Bug Through Monkey or Adhoc testing That thing or That Scenario Automation tester would not able To cover .


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